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Exterior Painting in Sunnyvalley OR | Painting Contractors | 541-64...Everyone wants to make their house look beautiful. That’s why you should consider Sunnyvalley OR exterior house painting services. They are not only for esthetic purposes, but very important part of ongoing house maintenance. Regular exterior house painting prevents deterioration of materials used for house exterior finish - especially wood. If those materials are not maintained regularly, they rotten very quickly. Water can go through rotten finish material and make even more damages to insulation and structure of your house. Cost of fixing those damages is much higher than regular Sunnyvalley OR exterior house cleaning and painting. Proper exterior house painting procedures include following steps:
  • Pressure cleaning using a chemical solution to remove all mildew, mold and algae. If the surface is not completely clean, additional steps may be required. Sensitive areas should be hand cleaned.
  • All loose paint on wood surfaces should be scraped, sanded and spot primed. All deteriorated caulking should be removed and sealed with fresh one.
  • Painting should be done on completely cleaned surfaces. All new wood (and other materials) should be fully primed before painting. Depending on local climate proper exterior paint should be used to withstand sun, freezing and other elements in the Sunnyvalley OR area.
Additionally to those steps all working areas should be clearly marked and cleaned at the end of the day and end of the project. When painting, special attention should be taken around windows, cars and other common areas.

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