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Eveland Painting has been providing high quality service in Douglas County for over 25 years. We have opened a new facility to meet the needs of larger industrial projects. While we still provide sevices to the architect ... read more

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Process of stripping the paint or deep thorough cleaning of the surface of any metal by forcing solid particles at high pressure or speed all across that surface is called sandblasting. Sandblasting produces the effect similar to that of using sandpaper, but provides a more even smooth finish with no problems at corners and edges. It is recommended for any metal surfaces such as car bodies, rims, industrial machinery and equipment. Sandblasting process implies using specific blasting material to clean specific metals to protect the integrity of its structural base. Proper sandblasting completely strips away metallic product or part from all impurities and eliminates any remains from previous painting, grease and contamination. When blast cleaning is done properly, washing before submitting the product to powder coating or liquid painting is not required.

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